Miss Xiguan in Wind and Rain

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A Guangzhou friend whose hometown is Dongshan says “Master Dongshan, Miss Xiguan”. Days ago, I went to the Xiguan he mentioned in the words. But unfortunately, there was wind and rain on that day I visited Xiguan.

Xiguan was the commercial downtown area in the past time, and the wealthy young lady often came here for entertainment. While now, these small buildings have already become the home of the civilians, only safflowers, but no lady of enjoying flowers. 

The home of former Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce President, now it is empty, only the mottled balcony.

Outside and inside the Xiguan house, there were also some ladies looking for Xiguan Miss.

In the residual landscape of old buildings, there is a modern country girl.

her family

Panxi Restaurant was the former Xiguan big house.

There were many people waiting for dinner in the big house. Look, the room was full of people, and we were the No. 47.

Enjoy the hotel's lion dance ceremony

The whole family walked out from the Xiguanshijia hotel.

the rice-flour noodle in Xiguan

I came to Guangzhou to see the rain in winter, and walked in the rain, in Xiguan. 

the happy family

There were still Spring Festival atmosphere in lychee Bay. 

Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road, Xiguan Commercial Street, the places young men and women like to go.

Modern Miss Xiguan

Wind and rain can not stop the joy of young people.

The young woman held her child like this in the wind and rain Xiguan.

The young lady who likes to take pictures was pointing towards the sky. 

Cock Vendor

A family and the cock vendor

Pingan Grand Theater

Guangzhou cuisines shops, there are also full of customers in the festivals and holidays.

Young couple was holding their daughter while shopping at Shangxiajiu. 

Sculpture of a modern lady in the background of two former Miss Xiguan, and came two naughty children.

Hand in hand with the cheongsam foreign Lady 

Mother and daughter walked in the rain. 

The Miss Xiguan is always not afraid of the rain.

Everybody was holding an umbrella in the rain.

This Miss Xiguan smiled and showed a row of white teeth. 

Busy Xiguan Shangxiajiu Road, every day.

In fact, Miss Xiguan is just a legend and the streets in the old Guangzhou looks new.

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