Pinglu Swan Harbour

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I had heard that the Swans in Sanmenxia are well-known, but in fact, it is exactly in the Pinglu, Shanxi, just on the other side of the Yellow River. Although it is not in the exact Sanmenxia, but it is not far away, after across the Yellow River Bridge, turn left along the Yellow River then a few minutes’ drive. 

Local villagers build a platform for people to watch the swans, and it is a bit like a fishing port against the background the river. There are many swans playing and finding food in the harbor, so called Swan Harbour. It is said that each year thousands of swans come here to spend the winter, but I only saw a hundred or so. 

It is rather reasonable to watch the swans here, you only need to pay RMB 10 parking fee. If take the bus, it is free, and the locals are very kind and warm. Now Swan will migrate. And I hope I still have the chance to see the Swans here.

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