Vast Jiayuguan

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The western terminus of the Great Wall, as well as the key hurdle of “Silk Road” – Jiayuguan. 

The Jiayuguan was built during the Hongwu years (1372), which lasted 168 years, and completed in 1540, dating back over 600 years of history. It is the most spectacular and best preserved ancient military castle of Ming Great Wall, and even nine years earlier than the Shanhaiguan.

I saw the Qilian Mountains as soon as entering the scenic area. It is said that the snow on the peak never melt throughout the year. 

Seeing the walls, I was rather excited. 

I was busy with shooting. Here is the frontier, coupled with a winter reveals kinds of desolate beauty.

Looked up to see the authentic Jiayuguan, and these trees reminded me of those soldiers killed in battle. 

There were three children on the way, they were so happy.

Came to the East Gate, that is, the Guanghua Gate, really extraordinary

The Guanghua Building was built in 1506. The whole building is 17 meters tall, with fine carved. The first layer of the pavilion is brick and wood structure, the second and third layer is the wood structure. Although experienced nearly five hundred years of ups and downs, and earthquakes and other natural disasters, the pavilion still stands firmly, showing the superb and exquisite of the ancient Chinese architectural art.

After hundreds of years of washing by desert sand, the richly ornamented still show its glory.

There is a stage outside the Guanghua Gate, the entertainment places for the officers, soldiers, city residents and business travelers. It is a typical Chinese traditional classical stage, separated by wooden screen. 

The ceiling has the Chinese traditional patterns “Eight Diagrams”. On both sides is a set of customs murals, these paintings content is very rare on the other stage. 

The shadow of the walls, beautiful

I forgot from which side to look 

Came to the guerrilla General House, which was built in Ming Dynasty, it was the place handling military aircraft for Jiayuguan guerrilla general. 

The side door leading inside the Manor House 

Decorated with dragon 

Lookup the tower from the Manor House

What’s the name of this building? I was so hurry that I have no time to know more about it. 

It was the Black Mountain outside the walls, pure stone, and no tree. 

Maybe this is the Embrasured Watchtower, oh, I was really confused. 

This is the West Gate, and there are three Chinese characters “Jiayuguan” in the lintels. 

My guide was riding a horse. 

This is a corner of the building. 

Is this a beacon tower, I was wondering. 

Take a close look at it

Mottled walls, a very strong sense of long history

Looking back, seems to still feel the glory 

Small groups of tourists were walking the gate of time 

Take another look at the wall 

This is the bricks placed on the stage of the main gate. 

A silhouette of the tower, fully shown solemn

Goodbye, Jiayuguan!

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