Namco - Lover's Tears, Blue Love

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It is the most beautiful place in my heart.

If the alpine lake is one drop of tear lying on the surface of the earth, then, the holy goddess - Namco Lake - is the lover’s tears flowing in Nyainqentanglha.

Every time look out of the window, I could see the tempting scenery outside. Nyainqentanglha Mountain, there are endless landscape to see. 

Blue sky and white clouds; 
Snow-capped mountains and grassland; 
In the distance, looming cattle and sheep;
It seems only seen in a dream. 

The thick snow has blocked the way forward, but it can not stop my dedication to the Namco Lake. 

The altitude of Nagenla pass is 5190 m, the wind was blowing very strong. Everybody was waiting eagerly at the pass, and the distance is the Namco Lake I was eager to see.

This is a memorable place, because the vehicle was suddenly out of control, and I won’t forget the cry moment in the edge of the cliff. 

Namco Lake is still has a unique beauty even without sunshine.

The happiness of Tibetans is relative to Buddha. Their firm dedication shocked me. 

Ready to leave, suddenly, there was a phantom-like blue appearing at the edge of the sky. 

Blue Namco Lake, blue love, gently touched the soft heart. 

From light blue to dark blue until the ink like black blue, the blue is so clear, so charming. 

Crystal Snow-capped mountains, blue lake…

There was a cloud suddenly rises in the sky, and all people cheered for it.

Although I could not see the most perfect Namco Lake, the blue will always in my heart.

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