“Shangri-La” in the clouds

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“There is a Lasang Temple at the side of the mountain, at the foot of which live the Tewo (Diebu) people, the house next to the house, as well as wheat and barley terraces, behind all of these is the huge limestone mountains, and lush spruce and fir covered canyons and slopes.” by Joseph F•Rock

“I have ever seen such beautiful scenery. I am shocked by Tewo (Diebu), the vast forest is an absolutely botanical museum, and this place is definitely a virgin. It will be a resort for those people who love nature and all the tourists.” By Joseph F•Rock

This Garden of Eden is Zhagana in Gannan. In 2009, the magazine "China's National Geographic" announced the top ten non-famous mountains, and Zhagana was listed the fourth. Zhagana Mountain is 3970 meters above sea level, located in Yiwa, Tewo (Diebu), Gannan, Gansu Province.

"Zhagana" is a Tibetan language, meaning "stone box". It is a complete natural "Stone City", and the topography just like a large-scale palace, also looks like a complete natural rock ancient city.

I was originally wanted to go to Muli, Aden…but accidently I came to this botanical museum, Zhagana first. There are many plant species in Zhagana, only the fir has 10 kinds, while the whole of China has only 17 kinds of fir. High mountain and meadow in July and August is absolutely a sea of flowers, and the variety of wild flowers scattered in the meadow and the barley field.

We departured Langmu Temple and headed for Diebu. After arriving Yiwa, we continued to move into the mountains, then we came to a place surrounded with steep mountains, of which slopes scattered with villages. Outside the village, there are cattle grazing leisurely in the wild, in the village there are lovely and simple children, here is the Zhagana.

When we arrived, the whole mountain was full of fog, the mountains in the distance hid from time to time, and the whole valley was full of green. Look around lush green and have a few deep breaths, and let the mixture of grassy floral air fills your chest and abdomen, refreshing.

People can enter Zhagana valley from the left back of Zhagana, walking downstream, and walk about two days to nine days Shihmen, on the way we passed by highest where is 4,000 meters above sea level, then worked through the Shimen and come out from Zhuoni. Unfortunately, we only have half a day, and only could stroll freely in the surrounding.

In the front, mountain peaks ring out, the peak ridge is vigorous and upright, and can be compared with the odd and steep mountains in western Sichuan; at the foot of the mountain, layers of wooden Tibetan villages, prayer flags and white pagoda flashed from time to time; carpet-like barley and green terraces and meadow stretched from our feet to the horizon. What impressed me most in Zhagana is its fresh and serene.

We have been unable to see the main peak of Zhagana clearly for the gloomy weather. Fortunately, in my return trip, the clouds suddenly dispersed a few minutes, let me glimpse the face of the mountain, where has the beauty as Shangri-La.

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