Guozigou Velley, the first choice for visiting Ili

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Just as enter the fairyland, yes, here is the famous Guozigou!

Leaving Sailimu Lake, standing in front of the pine, and get a panoramic view, breathtaking… Spiral down along the twist road, sometimes cliffs raise steeply, sometimes on the edge into the abyss. Gurgling springs and a wooden yurt nestled in the green leaves and float among the grass, gathering odd and beauty, as well as reality and fantasy.

In spring and summer, Guozigou Velley must be the most beautiful scenery in western Xinjiang, China.

This is the largest and the most important bridge, as well as the first cable-stayed bridge in Xinjiang – Guozigou Bridge.

The scenery we overlooked from the top of mountain.

Carefully down the mountain, the roadside wildflowers caught my attention.

The working people were busy, some of them were Kazakh people, some of them were the engineers.

Ili in June is the most beautiful of a year, with mountains and plains of flowers.

New Kazakh arrivals, who was about to build their own yurt, they first placed the felt pads on the ground to dry, do you know what is that piece like a mat? It is the yurt door, ah~

The beautiful, exotic landscapes, and places of Guozigou interest has always been regarded as the land of Xinjiang, known as the Ili “First King”. It runs through the northern Tianshan, Urumqi, and is the State Road 312 - Highway to go through channels Ili.

I came across two little lively Kazakh boys on the way, and shot for them.

They were brothers, and played with them for a while, their father came and told me to go to the other side of the mountain, it is the best play for shooting.

Gas pipe~

Visiting Sailimu Lake, you can live in Longling Villa if you do not want to live in the yurts.

Along this road, we headed for the place that father told me. We planed to wait for a bus here, look at that little blue, it is the Sailimu Lake.

The new road leading to Yining…

Soon there was a long-distance bus, and there happened to be a local, who told us his story about the Guozigou.

Risk, difficult, odd, and beautiful, that is the Guozigou.

He said the Guozigou has been constructed several times, and the scenery along the way is distinct in four seasons of a year. Generally, he will bring some dry food when go to Yining, because they may be trapped for a few days When encounter bad weather.

The famous Silk Road had passed through here.

We saw the Kazakh nomads were transited on our way.

Hey, sheep and horse run quickly, and the motorcycle~

I love that immense spruce, magnificent~

That mountains and plains of things were not stone...

Relaxed and happy

Guozigou is the only way from Urumqi to Yining.

The construction scene on the way~

Mountains of pine…

Transport facilities, but also more environmental destruction and pollution.

Craggy rocks

We came out of Guozigou, and got off the bus to find something to eat.

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