Gyangze ancient dwellings

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Standing in the ancient populations, the South is the famous Gyantse Dzong, an anti-British shrine.

On the wall and ground are the dried cow dung cakes, neatly placed…

There was no one else except us…

This is the edge of the ancient dwellings, next to the red wall of Palcho Monastery. 

How many years these Tibetan-style houses have been built? I wonder…

Walking in the quiet lane, I could smell the thick taste of the years.

How are you, friends live in the house? 

Animals were hiding in the shade and slowly chewing hays, beside were the dried cow dung everywhere.

Here we seemed to walk through a time tunnel, and all of us were very thrilled.

Everything is quiet, and the peaceful air filled everywhere.

It must be very comfortable to sit in the sun here…

Finally we saw one person, who should be the locals. They were always so peaceful, and it seemed that our arrival would not affect the peace in their heart.

The afternoon sunshine made everything a little lazy, even the dogs had a listless look.

Here is the street, but there was no commercial, no bustling, but quiet life.

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