Rain, Autumn Forest, and Guanmen Mountain

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This weekend I went to Benxi, because I heard that it is the home of Maple Leaf. As a result, I caught up with an autumn rain with hail. In order to avoid the crowded scene, we deliberately planed to into the mountains in the afternoon. But there were really too much people, at the entrance for sightseeing car, a dense mass of people waiting in line made my sky suddenly darkened. When reaching the very scenic zone, the clouds were getting dense and occasional thunder ... the feeling of impending rain was very cold. After shivering under the eaves and waiting about an hour, the rain finally stopped.

After the storm, I suddenly found the crowd people disappeared. There was only the sound from my camera in the whole mountain.

along the dance of mist…

Leaves on the tree went with the wind regardless the tree’s retention.

But there were still some waiting for the people like us.

This mountain tour just like to participate in a grand farewell, seeing numerous leaves went with the wind and scattered floating on the river, beautiful and decisive.

In a corner of a mountain, we found this colorful lake, beautiful beyond expression, vividly expressed the abundance autumn dedicated to us. In addition to praise the gifts from nature, we could only gratitude.

I took a lot of water photos, only in these pictures can I retain leaves in the air.

Still the leaves on the water…

Those left behind beauty and watch alone…

Sometimes, you don’t need to harry up or give up easily, just some more patients.

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