The Day and Night of Tang Paradise

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Tang Paradise today was built in the original site of Tang Dynasty Lotus Park, with a total construction area of nearly 100,000 square meters, located in the north of Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It was three in the afternoon when we arrived, and it began to drizzle, but the landscape here also even more poetic sound. The entire park landscape can be divided into twelve themes cultural areas, from the emperor, poetry, folk, food, women, tea culture, religion, technology, diplomacy, imperial examination, dance, and door features, reproduce the full aspects of brilliant civilization of Tang Dynasty.

May be because it was rainy, the entire area was empty, which allowed us to play freely and ease.

If visit there, you’d better take the food yourself, because the food in the scenic area is not very good. It was wet and cold after the rain that day, and we were cold and hungry, so we tasted some rice wrapper, noodle, and spicy soup, all of these were not tasted so good, at least it was what I though, but there was nothing other to eat, so…

The rain stopped and the night fell, everything became even more beautiful… 

The main building in Tang Paradise, Ziyun Building, it looked not very special in the day, just like an imitated palace, but after returning from the water curtain movie in the evening, we were all shocked by its beauty because it was really amazing under the colorful light.

When strolling in the garden during the day, I heard that the water curtain film was free, and we were pretty happy at that moment, and specially waited till eight in the evening and returned to watch the film. However, only to find the stands had been encircled and if people wanted to sit and watch the film, they should paid RMB 10 each person. There were three VIP seat on the third floor, and the staffs said each cost RMB 50. So we only stood next to the stands about 10 minutes, the content of the film was one story of the Journey to the West.

Emperor Taizong and Concubine Yang in the Ziyun Building…

From entering the Tang Paradise, we wanted to find a place, that is, a five-star toilet which was mentioned along the street signs, and we finally found it near the corner of Ziyun Building.

It was not so luxury as we imagined, but we indeed got warm here for a while before the water curtain film. There were constantly videos of Tang Paradise and Big Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Spot on TV, a dozen of times ...

The ticket is 70 Yuan, but we bought online group buying fare is 55 Yuan (if go to see the “Dreaming Datang” performance, the fare is $ 120). After appointing time, go with the tour guides.

There are many buses from the bell tower in the city center directly to the north gate or west gate of the scenic area. And it takes only 10 minutes from the north gate to the west gate. West gate is the main entrance, and visitors usually enter from this door.

The show time of“Dreaming Datang” is 17:00, and the show time of water curtain film is 20:30. There are buses at any time to the city center, so you don’t need to hurry up. Watch the shows and get back to the city center by bus.

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