Enjoy the Ghost Culture in Fengdu Ghost Town

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Located in the north shore of Yangtze River, Fengdu County, downstream of Chongqing, Fengdu ghost town is known for its various netherworld building and shape, and is the home land of human souls in the legendary.

Ghost culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, with the social enlightenment function of punishing evil and promoting goodness.

Test sin stone. There is a copper lump within the stone box, and people who stand(single foot: left for man and right for woman) on it should look straight ahead and keep this posture for 5 seconds, then pass through, if those who does not fall can be regarded as a gentleman.

This is the bridge with a famous name in Chinese legends, that is the Naihe Bridge.

During guide made an introduction to us, this "Hercules" matched the 365 pounds iron with that conical top, after performance, people would leave tips voluntary.

the white and black gargoyle 

There is a tablet on each side of Yu Huang Hall, one of which is a group characters tablet written by a famous Sichuan former Chairman of Calligraphers art Mr. Li Banli, and the Chinese character “口”in the middle is shared by four characters, advising people to do more good things for good will be rewarded.

The other one is written by Hai Rui for his mother's birthday, combined by four Chinese characters "生" "母" "七" "十", what’s more amazing is that and it is still the same Chinese character “寿”, if you upside down this Chinese character, is it very exquisite?

There were also many other foreign tourists.

the sixteen ghost statues

Fengdu is the last stop of the trip, after that, we went straight to Chongqing. The next morning we disembarked and landed on the Chaotianmen Pier.

Photoes of Fengdu Ghost City: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaPhoto/yangtzeriver/Fengdu_Ghost_City_1.html

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