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I went to Guiyang, and have intended to go to see the Miao and Dong Village in Southeast of Guizhou, as well as experience the ethnic customs, sightseeing… but unfortunately, it began to rain after we arrived! So, I decided to eat all over Guiyang, yes, I did!

A food stalls operating a variety of snack, but mainly potatoes and Stinky tofu.

A stall specializes in Stinky tofu.

May be you have notice that there is lots of condiment on each stall. It is the feature of southwest food: enough seasoning, tasty. Guiyang people like to eat Houttuynia, and most of basic condiment will add some Houttuynia, some people make as salad, and Chengdu people are also like to eat, but Chengdu people like to eat leaves, while the Guiyang people like to eat stem, the small piece in the basin next to the large scissor in the picture above, as well as in a white bowl below the picture.

These are Rosa roxburghii Tratt, I had never seen before. 

Guiyang rice noodle roll…

This is the Guiyang rice noodle roll, put the julienne you like into rice wrapper and roll up, then fill the whole rice wrapper with juice, wow…that is the authentic way to eat the rice noodle role, tasty, I like it! 

Beans hot pot, it is super delicious to eat with rice.

One corner of the snack street…

Hequn Road night market (snacks) is an ordinary street during the day but at night is more fun.

We also went to an ancient town not far from Guiyang during the journey–Qingyan Ancient Town. Sea of people there on that day, and it was time to have dinner, we came to a restaurant in a small lane, where there were less people.

There was a beauty meeting us as soon as we entering, look!

A girl ordered a meal.

The menu was very special.

This is the rice tofu, the food locals like, besides green, there are also other color, yellow, white … it is said that the material is not the same, but I like this “green food”. 

All of our dishes: stewed pig, Qingyan tofu, rice tofu, fried bacon, Spicy chicken corner, and vegetables. 

Environment in the restaurant is also rather good, not many people, what’s more, the food is delicious, and we totally spent $ 140 for our food.

Sugar painting…

Spicy Chicken Angle, the food Guiyang people like most, can be used as seasoning, or dish. It is made of chicken, pepper…and so on.

We looked for a more well-known store to buy a can of Spicy Chicken Angle, 25 Yuan per pound. 

All kinds of wine…

The red corn, I had never seen before.

All sorts of essences…


Miao batik fabric 

Farmhouse kitchen stove

In fact, there are still many snacks I did not shoot, including Guiyang beef noodle, tofu fruit, casseroles noodle, and barbecue…

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