Fresh Kazakh Crusty Pancake

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A Kazakh crusty pancake shop in the alley 

I had a short stay Yining, so strolled for a while. At noon, I back to the hotel, and wanted to buy some fruit in the alley behind the hotel. As soon as entered the alley, I saw a roasted Nang (Kazakh crusty pancake) Shop, where there were fresh-baked crusty pancake, which looked delicious and attractive, so I bought one just came out from the stove, and took a photo for it, ah~ I went away while eating the smell pancake, thinking it was really different from the pancake I ate before, so I went back to ask the shop owner which pancake it was.

Since came to Ili, I found that the Kazakh people were very friendly, so did the selling roasted Nang shop Kazakh owners.

Carrying baggage…departure!

Again, I passed by the same roasted Nang shop, seeing and the shop owner was taking the roasted Nang from the pit.

I stretched out my head and had a look at the mouth of the pit, wow… so hot! This was the second time for me to patronize his shop, so this uncle deliberately took a close shot.

Took the crusty pancakes out from the pit…if talk about the taste, I had to say the Kazak crusty pancake was not so delicious than the Uygur crusty pancake, but Kazak is a nomadic nation mainly eat meat. And every nation has its own taste, so it is difficult to say which is better. Em… as for me, I like the south Xinjiang Nang most.

The Nang in the pit is something similar with the Henan crusty biscuits. But the material is not the same. In Xinjiang, if you go to some remote place where not easy to find the food, you can take some Nang, it is very convenient.

Nang has little moisture, and can be long time storage, and easy to carry, suitable to eat in dry climate like Xinjiang, in addiction, it is fine roasted with good material, taste crispy and delicious, and nutritious.

When I was sill in the shop, there were also other people coming to buy the Nang, so it seemed this shop’s Nang was very popular, what’s more, it was cheap, and each only cost 1 Yuan. 

Nang is one of the favorite pasta in Xinjiang, and has more than two thousand years of history.

Look…this is the money box!

Kazakh is a Turkic nation mixed Eurasian, and has the physical characteristics of Nordic, Mongolia, and West Asia.

Nang making is very skilled work.

Look at his expression, it seemed a bit painful.

Nang varies in types, and each nation has its own unique way to make. At last, I added some photos of Nang in other places of Xinjiang.

In Kashgar, the Nang with skin on the roadside

On the roadside in Hotan, large one are thin Nang, very thin and crisp, the smaller one is oil Nang, oil Nang easier to chew, taste more melted.

They are also the Kazakhstan Nang, but the edge is much thicker.

The Nang eat with the meat, it is very hard, must soak into the soup.

Ok, I’m hungry after writing this article, and remind you again: don’t forget to taste the various Nang if you visit Xinjiang...

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