The Only Italian Town in China

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Built in 1902 and located under the Tianjin Bei’an Bridge, the Italian Town is the only Italian style buildings preserved well outside Italian territory, and is also China's only Italian concession. There are 137 historical Italian architecture relics in the area.

Italian Town is located near Tianjin Station. Standing in the station square, you will see the signs heading there. A few blocks away from the Ancient Culture Street, Italian Town is another exotic: old European architecture, exquisite decoration which scattered the West restaurants and coffee shops, you can even encounter finely dressed new couples taking wedding photography from time to time. Restaurants in the Streets are different style: European, Southeast Asian…

Head for the Italian Town from Tianjin Railway Station, you can first see a square, center of which is a peaceful goddess sculpture, which is to commemorate the victory of World War I, and designed by the famous Italian sculptor Giuseppe• Bony. The flying bronze peace goddess statue was holding an olive branch, symbolizing the eternal theme–peace and friendship.

Generally, there is a double-decker bus parked next to the Marco Polo Plaza, the top layer is open, this is a special sightseeing bus. From Marco Polo Square, the bus will tour around almost the whole Tianjin, passing the Italian Town, the Drum Tower, Watching Sea Pavilion, and so on. It takes about 1 hour to tour the whole trip, and the price is $ 20 and sometimes even to make a 10% discount, so quite worth it!

On one size of Marco Polo Plaza, there is a Chateau Louis, professional imported French high-end wine. This chateau is said to own its crown Louis series brand, and also establish extensive cooperative relations with the world's top vineyards such as Chateau Lafite, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, and so on.

This is the second antique Starbucks I've seen, full of local characteristics. Here, everything from garbage bin to the road street signs is European style.

Strolling about the street, you will really feel as if you were in the nineteenth century Europe, especially in the Italian Town. Here, there is no hustle and bustle of the human voice, exquisite cozy bar, freely take photo in the corridor and seats of the bar, passers always give you a warmly smile. Is that comfortable the characteristic of Tianjin?

Here, in a quiet afternoon, come to the European-style buildings, sipping a cup of mellow coffee, spending throughout the cozy afternoon.

Clock Tower building is the landmark as well as the highest building in the Tianjin Town, with typical Italian Renaissance architecture characteristic. The white body of the tower contrasts sharply with the red spire in color.

Other kinds of Italian architectures are all full of the inspiration of designers and fruits of the labor builders.

This is a museum in Tianjin, but I can not remember its specific name, it is the only modern style building in Italy Town, although looks quiet impressive, but actually out of tune in the Italian-style buildings.

There happened to be cultural festival in the old Italian-style architecture near the museum, which shows some Chinese and Italian crafts, gathering many famous artists.

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