The Only Ferris Wheel Built on a Bridge in the World

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It is said that Ferris wheel is designed for commemorating the large tankers;
It is said that the invention of Ferris wheel was inspired from the Eiffel Tower in Paris; 
It is said that Ferris wheel is designed for lovers;
It is said that each cell of Ferris wheel house is filled with happiness. Ferris wheel is for the sake of being together with the lovers across the sky;
It is said that sitting on the Ferris wheel with ones’ beloved, and when get on the top, kiss his (her), they will be together happily for ever…
It is said that if you make a wish on the top of Ferris wheel, your wish will be heard by some god and come true one day! 

The Tianjin Eye (Tianjin Ferris Wheel) is the only Ferris wheel built on a bridge in the world. This Ferris wheel has diameter of 110 meters, with 64 360-degree transparent exterior cockpits outside the feel, each cockpit can take eight people. Ferris wheel revolution time is 30 minutes, and on the highest point, you take a glance the surrounding scenery, even can see the scenery within a radius of 40 km. It is really the eye of Tianjin. 

Come out from Tianjin station, walk forward along the Hai River, you will be able to see the Ferris wheel, or you can also spend 20 Yuan to take the double-decker tour bus from the Italian customs area to the Ferris wheel.

As on the golden holiday, there were particularly many people visiting the Ferris wheel, even at 21:00, there were still many people standing in a long line to buy tickets. The ticket of Ferris wheel is 60 Yuan each person, each capsule can take 8 people.

Although we had bought the ticket at about 21:30, but this enormous Ferris wheel take about half an hour to rotate a circle, so we had to wait for a long time, finally at 23:00 we got on the Ferris wheel. Ferris rotate very slowly, so you almost cannot feel its movement when sitting on it.

Although the speed of Ferris wheel is very slow, but it is impossible to shoot the night view of Tianjin on the wheel, so I just took a few photos, which I’m not very satisfactory with.

If lovers kiss when the Ferris wheel reached the highest point, they will be happy for ever. It is said that each box of Ferris wheel is filled with happiness. We are looking at happiness when we look up the Ferris wheel.

If you haven’t got happiness, you can try to sit in a Ferris wheel, when it reaches the highest point, you will overlook everything, including what you want.

I believe, thought the world is big, but there will be simple happiness of us.

Tianjin Haihe River:

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