Those Nomadic People

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Nomadism is one of grassland animal husbandry operation mode, and the nomad move from one place to another with the plants. Herders have no fixed residence, living nomadic lives, and the production equipments are also very simple, basically in the backward lives.

In order to capture the most realistic scene of nomadic people, I stayed at a Tibetan family to experience the nomadic life.

Nagqu is the main pastoral areas in Tibet, where herders have no fixed abode due to the traditional nomadic production mode. 

In pastoral areas, the honest herders have never stop scrambling for grassland, sometimes even with force. It is impossible for the local government to deal with it, and even the widely respected Living Buddha has no good solution.

That simple and honest nomadic people

Drive the sheep under the blue sky, singing the pastoral song…

That loyal Nomadic children… 

The sheep at the bank of Yamdrok Lake…

Intended to close shoot the sheep, who knows all of them were scared away …

In this plateau, you feel the shock of being so close to the sky, the earth, and the soul.

Golden sun meadow, reflected on the beautiful rural scenery. 

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