A Famous Born City

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Wuerhe Ghost City, also known as Wuerhe Wind City, is located 100 kilometers northeast of Karamay city and covers an area of about 30 square kilometers. It is a region with unique wind-eroded geological feature. It gets the name of “Wind City” because of the frequently howling winds. It is also known as the “Ghost City” due to its eeriness. The native Mongolian people call it “Sulumuhak”, while the local Kazakh people name it “Shytirkrsi”, and both names have the same meaning - Ghost Castle.

According to the textual research, a hundred million years ago, the place was a huge freshwater lake. In the warm and humid climate, the land was covered with dense tropical trees and shrubs. The wet ground and water plants created a green world, where ancient reptiles such as the stegosaurus and pterosaurs lived and multiplied. Following tectonic movement, the land rose gradually into an area of shale and sandstone. After millennia of erosion by wind and rain, the present strange sight of Yardang landform was made. The city is in the shape of a horse shoe and there is only one through path. The weathered rocks are in various forms and shapes, such as the towering stone mushrooms, stone bamboo shoots, stone pavilions, stone columns, wide streets, narrow lanes and caves cutting down to the rocks, lively shape of birds, animals, fishes and human bodies, which really spark one's imagination.

Walking into today's Ghost City, you will feel it is an ancient city with vicissitudes, as well as a fantasy miraculous city, full of personality, giving you endless inspiration and reverie. 

We can not know exactly how old is the Ghost City, or when does the Earth was born in terms of people's short life, but we can ascertain it from the geological structure to ascertain its past, and to predict its future.

The original, rough, forceful, grand and unique personalized topography of the Ghost City has won the love of many directors, as well as Chinese and foreign tourists, forming a well-known film and television shooting location, as well as one of 50 most worthy places in China for foreigners.

greeting peacock 

flying lanneret

howling horse



howling horse

Like a peacock look back

Does it like a face of a man

Tianshan snow leopard

Ghost City


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