The Blooming Azaleas are Full of Mountain in Hubei Macheng

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In scientific terms, the azaleas are a large family.

From the distribution, those evergreen azaleas are distributed in the alpine region and the southwestern plateau region, such as Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, while along the Yangtze River basin district with a number of azaleas (Yingshanhong in Chinese), one of the traditional ten flowers in China. 

Small pieces of azaleas are very common, but large area of azaleas is rare. But the azaleas on the Macheng Turtle Mountain have an area of 10 million acres. When the blooming season, everywhere is full of azaleas flowers, a superb view!

At the end of April, a friend told me that azaleas in Macheng were blooming, so I got my trip started at once!

When arrived Macheng, we couldn’t drive into the Turtle Mountain, so, we took the scenic bus into the scenic area, about 40 minutes later, we came to a small town at the foot of Turtle Mountain. Unfortunately, the air at the foot of the mountain was clean and clear, while it was fogging in the mountain. 

The mountain was shrouded with rain and fog, peaks sometimes hidden while sometimes exposed, but most of the time clouds covered the mountain, so we could not see The Peak of the Turtle Mountain. 

From the foot of The Peak up to the mountain, we could see the sporadic roadside azaleas. 

Overlooking and finally to see the pavilion on The Peak, so captured! People who came to see the flowers were climbing hardly. 

Next to Huangshan pine, azaleas were wantonly blooming. 

There were also azaleas in the rock crevices, no matter whether the earth was fertile or not.

After enjoying the landscape of all over the mountain of azaleas, let’s take a close look at the azaleas. 

When we finished enjoying the azaleas, it was getting late, and had to take the cable car down. I took this picture on the cable car.

Useful information:
There are high speed trains and bullet trains direct to Macheng from Wuhan, about 40 minutes.

Prices are as follow:
Tickets: RMB 100 
Bus tickets into the scenic area: RMB 40 (round trip)
Cable car: up 50 yuan; down 45 yuan.

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