Mount Lu Dragon Head Cliff

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March 3, the second day in Mount Lu, it was still rain, and it was forecasted that there was moderate to heavy rain.

There was almost no tourist in the streets, came alone to the visitor center car point. I told my friend that I wanted to go to the power station dam, and then went there alone. 

The Mount Lu power station dam was built in 1955. The dam is 35 meters height, 90 m length, and 10 meters wide, and is the former Soviet aid project, including three supporting power stations. In 1958, it was officially in used.

Take the ropeway down to the front of the suspension bridge. To the southwest direction is the Shimenjian scenic area, due to time constraints, I chose the suspension bridge as my transportation to the Dragon Head Cliff.

The suspension bridge in the rain and fog is just like a ladder hanging in the sky.

I climbed up the stone steps alone in the heavy rain. I didn’t encounter any other tourist from here to the Dragon Head Cliff.

Walked to the pavilion for shelter from the rain, the canyon is deep, with clouds raising, suddenly the thunder burst and fog lifted, I saw Dragon Head Cliff standing on the cliff, like the black dragon held its head high. Some pine trees rooted in rock crevices of the cliff are like dragon beards, flowing with the breeze.

I heard the first sound of spring thunder in Mount Lu, wonders, adventure, just in a few minutes, it rained again.

Arrived at the Tianchi Peak – there are two rectangular pools in front of the Tianchi Temple, and the poolside stone walls engraved with the some words.

I thought the Tianchi should be as big as lake, but in fact it is even smaller than the usual pond.

Down in the rain and return Kuling town, I took the shuttle bus to nanchang from Mount Lu in the afternoon. 

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