Lin Keng, the Home Away

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Lin Keng is a small village people can not find on the map, but it became famous for a person, the former deputy director of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite Television, as well as the first person of Chinese aerial photography Zhao Qunli, who martyrized at Lin Keng. Since then, many photography and painters come here for shooting and sketching. 

There is no courtyard, no pavilion, no cultural relics, no ancient buildings and cultural History, but still without losing the natural simplicity of beautiful landscape. The connotation of the landscape is still very deep, so that experts and scholars love it at the first sight. 

Setting foot on the land of Lin Keng, you will feel as if entered into agricultural civilization and found that you've stepped into another time mirror: the narrow valley between roofs of gray tiles, bridges, smoke, all around cascading green hills. The village was wrapped like drum, only leaving the gap into the village. 
Relevant information:

Lin Keng Village is located in the northern mountains area of Yongjia County, the source of Nanxi River, a total of 108 households and 411 populations, mainly Mao surname. 

Lin Keng is a remote and small village in the upstream of Nanxi River. Ancestors of the mountain people knew how to beautify their environment, in harmony with nature, full of high cultural tastes. The picturesque ancient villages just like heavenly creator: green hills, stretching pine and cypress and some other unknown trees. The natural and cultural landscape are in a high degree of harmony and unity, representing the most typical, the most perfect and most abundant of mountain residents form in mountain area of Southern Zhejiang.

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