China's Most Beautiful College Campus - Xiamen University

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Xiamen University
Address: 422 Siming South Road, Xiamen City
Transport: take the No.1 or No.21 road bus at Xiamen Railway Station Square.

There was a lovely child in the campus. 

The beautiful zengcuoan one meters sunshine Inn, its standard room is 150 Yuan

delicious sha-cha noodles

The transportation is very convenient, so my mother and I took the bus to the Xiamen University. Thought it was during the Spring Festival, there were still many people in the campus. Some students were selling hand-painted map at the school gate, while many people were attracted by a booth of the Uighur guy, who patiently show the way for people, he was warm to everyone no matter whether you buy his maps or not. I regretted not buying the map, and walked a lot of unnecessary long way. All the school canteens were closed during the Spring Festival, so we had to eat some bread. 

The beauty of Xiamen University comes from its constructions. It was founded in 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader honored by Chairman Mao Zedong as the “Standard of the Overseas Chinese and Glory of the Nation”. Xiamen University is like a large garden, ubiquitous western small building, European-style villas, large piece of lawn and cafes near the Lotus Lake, etc. no wonder it is known as China's most beautiful college campus.

It is said that there were 9 Black Swans, but I just saw one that day, and a group of people were feeding it, I hoped it would not too full. 

The beautiful garden, Xiamen University!

On the left hand, it is the athletic fields. 

The famous Black Swan in Xiamen University

I was tried and didn’t have lunch, and then my mother and I went out of the Xiamen University and came to the Zhongshan Road snack street. Facing with so many delicious food, such as spring rolls, eight mother-in-law grass jelly, pork rice dumplings, fish balls, fried oysters, frozen shoots… I could not help drooling!

South Putuo Temple
Address: 515 Siming South Road, Siming District, Xiamen City
Transport: take the No.1 or No.21 road bus at Xiamen Railway Station Square.
Tips:it charge 3 Yuan if entering from the main entrance of South Putuo Temple, but it’s no charge if enter down from Wulao peak.

South Putuo Temple is next to Xiamen University, where incense is strong. People can climb a hill at the back of the temple, of which height is just right, people will not feel too tired, nor will fell have enough fun. People can overlook the scenery of Xiamen University and Xiamen Port. It was built in the Tang Dynasty, and is one of the Taiwanese Buddhist resorts. 

My mother went to the South Putuo Temple alone.

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