Food in Nantong

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Nantong jianghai Food Festival has been successfully held for four years. The 2012 jianghai Food Festival is themed by the seafood and opened its prelude.

Nantong is the Chinese historical and cultural name, with the Yellow Sea in the east and  Yangtze Riverin the south. As the oldest historic district in urban areas, Nantong Temple Street embodied the memories of many old Nantong people. Temple Street was for named after the Tianning Temple. It has a thousand years of History, and has experienced prosperity and hubbub from the Tang and Song to the Ming and Qing, although less famous than the hutongs in Beijing and Shanghai, but it is not easy to still retain such a street in Nantong. 

Wolf Mountain, or Mount Lang is located in the Southern suburbs of Nantong City, is a famous natural scenic spots, composed of Wolf Mountain, Ma’an Mountain, Huangni Mountain, Sword Mountain and Army Mountain, south of  Yangtze River, surrounded with mountains and rivers, and known as the Five Mountains. Wolf Mountains is located in the middle of the five mountains, 106.94 meters above sea level, and the tallest and most graceful, with lots of cultural relics, so it became the head of the five mountains.

This Nantong Food Festival is mainly seafood. Dozens of usually difficult to see seafood, fresh river fishes, and freshwater fishes in turn debut, such as the sea puffer fish, big plum fish, little yellow croaker, monkfish, shrimp, squid, clams, Conch Neptunea, Akira crab, etc.

The drunken shrimps are made from liquor brewed after washed. 

salad conch 

drunk bullacta

wind dried fish

braised shrimp

Bamboo shoots with roasted pork

onion ginger fried portunus

The Adenophora fungus soup, the dish is most suitable for men.

clam pancakes

boiled conch neptunea

braised octopus

braised pomfret

stewed little yellow croaker

fried leek conch

Foie gras is made with steamed fresh clams and foie gras.

If you are interested, you can go to the beach to experience collecting clams. 

People can spend 5 RMB / pound to take the collecting clams back home, and then make a pot of clam soup, it must be very delicious. 

sea puffer fish, angler fish soup

Due to artificial breeding puffer fish have been gradually common, so only the wild sea puffer fish is more precious.

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