Rare Karst Landscape in Northern China

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Location: Qijia Zuo Township, Tang County in Hebei 

Quansheng Gorge is 5 km in length. The whole valley looks like a crack deep into the body of Tanghe Mountain, 30 meters at its widest point, while the narrowest point is only two meters, the mountain is varied, fascinating and charming. 

Quansheng Gorge is still in the early development. There are many original ecological landscapes, with few visitors entering. In Mid-March, I made a special trip into the gorge camping, watching the icefall and the beautiful and varied landscape. 

A beautiful pool 



Longfu Cave

Fengshui stone 


beautiful mountain village

Quansheng Gorge was named after the Quansheng Zhuang Canyon.


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