Spectacular Views of Mingao Terraced Fields in the Rosy Cloud

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It was the evening when I arrived at Mingao, so I found a guesthouse at the foot of the mountains, which was forty dollars per a night. The owner was very warm and friendly, and the noodles they made were also very delicious. To look at the scenery, I had to get up early, when the light is good, you can see the wonderful landscape of mist-shrouded terraced fields.

The road at the back of the house is the path up to the mountain, so the owner led me to the top of the hill. Mingao is located in the northwest of Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province, over five hundred meters above sea level, with beautiful scenery, especially the terraced fields. The best time to see the terraced fields is during the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, when the farmers will plant blocks of farmland filled with water. So it was a little early to see the scenery that day, there had no water in many fields yet. 

The terraces in the early morning: there were still dewdrops hung on the weeds, very beautiful and also very quiet.

Mingao terraced’s landscape has different characteristics and charm throughout the year. When come to the annual season of Grain in Ear, the temperature will rise, rain and fog weather will increase significantly, but at this time is the busy season for the farmers in the mountains, so the crisp lines of the terraced fields will be even highlight of her charm.

The peaceful and quiet Mingao, the sun shines to the green mountains and clean river, farmer and cattle coming back home and the different, winding, natural and smooth terraces will take you into a harmonious and poetic mood.

That mist terraces filled with water just like clear mirrors. The farmers plow with the left hand, and herd the cows with the right hand, flickering in the misty smoke field. 

When the clouds began to scatter, the terraces in front of my eyes was another scene, the layers of terraced fields in the exposure of backlit, color clear, flowing lines, wonderful, like being in the printmaking world of the artist's pen.

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