Chaoshan Attraction - Chuihong Cave

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Located in the Southern suburbs of Shantou City, Queshi Scenic Area is the first group of provincial scenic spots in Guangdong Province. The Chuihong Cave in the scenic area is known as Chaoshan’s most beautiful attraction. 

Professor Chen Chuankang in Department of Geography, Peking University repeatedly came here to inspect and praise of this Chuihong Cave as the first granite cave in China. 

Just follow my pictures and explore this Chuihong Cave, and enjoy China's longest granite tour line. 

Visitors just need to buy a ticket which cost RMB 10 at the scenic gate. 

Queshi is near the sea, and was named after the mountainous of huge stones. The scenery in Queshi scenic spots is beautiful, the mountains and hills are not very high, but really wonderful. 

Under the boulder which seems about to be broken in the cracks is the channel into the cave, are you afraid of? 

Chuihong Cave is also known as the chain cave, located in Queshi Tashan Scenic Area. It has a total length of 1200 meters, including 19 different elevations, different sizes, different shapes of granite caves and ten open-air platforms. 

At present, this hole is China's longest granite tour line and worth a visit.

Inside the cave there are 1500 touring lines composed of chained stone steps.

The structure of the cave is really secret, colorful. 

Suddenly, there is a shadow in front of me. 

I saw a woman was taking off her cloths, oh…I mean, took off her coat when I want to go another route, and I didn’t dare to move on? 

Suddenly there was a platform appearing, overlook and find it worthy of visiting. 

Chuihong Cave is a granite cave in harmony with the natural landscape and cultural landscape, with “strange, dangerous, quiet, secret, broad, and through” wonderful landscape. 

The changing of color

After the woman finished changing clothes, I moved on…

infinite scenery 

Look for the beautiful scenery in the cave

Chuihong Cave rocks

Known as the wonders

Many poets left behind their praise

This is the AAAA level tourist area, Shantou City, Shantou first eight scenic spots. It is also a unique summer vacation resort.

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