Walked in the Snow-covered Spring Nyingchi

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Everywhere is very beautiful in Tibet. This article mostly introduces the scenery along Nyingchi in addition to the peach. From the region of Tibet, Nyingchi is different from other areas of Tibet: she was forceful stretching in the plateau. It is just like a turquoise decorated in a snow-capped mountains deep valley and endless forests. In fact, its fame is no less significant than Lhasa and has become one of China's most prestigious tourist destinations, as well as the must go place for Tibet Tourism. Even the Lhasa people who live in the plateau are also eager for the eyes of green and the breathing pleasure in Nyingchi. In the season which still has snow-capped mountains but the earth has recovered, peach and rape are all in full bloom, towering trees along the way, from time to time to see the squirrel forest jump in front of people; that green, blue rivers, lakes, everything is so intoxicating. 

Yarlung Tsangpo River: In Chinese, Yarlung Tsangpo River means water flowing down from the crest. Found in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as 'the roof of the world', the Yarlung Tsangpo River is the biggest river in Tibet and also holds the position as being the river found at the highest altitude across the world.

Tibet in the spring 

As beautiful as Jiuzhaigou

Nyang River reflects the white clouds and the blue sky. It is a major river in south-west Tibet and the longest tributary of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. 

This is the king of cypress tree in Nyingchi, 2600 years old, with 50 meters high, and a diameter of 5.8 m, requiring 12 adults to encircle. 

The king of cypress tree is a sacred tree in the eyes of the Tibetan people. 

Overlook the Nyingchi County

Ranwu Lake

The day before it was still the blue sky and white clouds, but it became a world of snow overnight.

This Tibetan child is very cute.


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