Peking Opera

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They seem to have met each other before, then turn to their previous life…

Tang Emperor and Imperial Consort Mei parted forever, and made an appointment to be together again next life. 

At the beginning of the drama, the heroine Mei Princess appears on the second floor of the corridor.

Tang Emperor appears on the third floor.

Imperial Consort Mei and Imperial Consort Yang jealous and hate each other. 

Imperial Consort Mei loses the love the emperor, so she wrote a poem for the emperor.

Imperial Consort Mei asked the servant to deliver the poem to the emperor.

Imperial Consort Yang is jealousy.

Imperial Consort Yang go to supervise Tang Emperor at midnight and find he was getting together with Imperial Consort Mei, and Tang emperor is very embarrassed. 

Imperial Consort Yang accused the servant taking sides with Imperial Consort Mei and Tang emperor.

Tang Emperor and Yang Yuhuan(Imperial Consort Yang) are having fun in Li Garden.

The end of the first half of the play, and Imperial Consort Mei die in the Anshi Rebellion. 

The second half is a part of the adaptation according to the some play of Peking Opera. Zhengde Emperor Incognito Travel to Meilong Town and the brother of Li Feng come and welcome him. 

Zhengde Emperor

He is ordering for a dinner.

The former player who acts the Imperial Consort Mei now changes her cloth and dressing. 

She meet the former lover this life. 

Zhengde Emperor like her and begin to please her. 

Finally, Li Feng insists to be single. 

Finally, Li Feng told his brother she loved him, and then this foreigner was invited to take a photo together, the play is over.

Curtain call, the Director said this play is dedicated to the Mother's Day

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