Guangzhou Five Fairy Temple and the Biggest Bell of Lingnan

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Five fairy Temple is located in HuiFu Xi Road of the center of Guangzhou. It is the historical landmark representing Guangzhou has been founded 2000 years.

There is a big bell that people can hear the ring from ten far away it is knocked, more than 3 meters height, with 2 meters of diameter, 3 inches thick and 5 tons in weight. It’s the biggest iron bell in Guangdong province.

The ticket is RMB 5, visitor can come and leisure around, to know the former city of Guangzhou.

Old Guangzhou Folk–Jigonglan

Old Guangzhou Folk - Street Bonesetter Men

The scenery inside the Five fairy Temple

The pot belongs to the objects during the Emperor Qianlong.

The nave is 12 meters wide, 10 meters deep and 7 meters high, with five fairy statues, and is one of well-preserved structures of Ming dynasty that exist in Guangzhou.

The first building of Lingnan is a tower-style historical building. The base was built with red sand, 7 meters height, like a city gate, forming a spacious and bright tower, solemn, majestic, simple and generous.

People cast a big bell four years after the completion of the first building in Lingnan, hanging upstairs. When hit the big bell, the sound is very loud. This clock is used for warning people fire fighting or other non-normal accident.

Qing dynasty sculptures

up to the bell tower

the first Lingnan big bell

clock tower

down the bell tower

under the big bell

Old Guangzhou Folk - Barber

If you want to know the 2000 years of ancient Guangzhou city, you should come and pay a visit here.

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