The longest turning corridor in the world

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Labrang Monastery, the world's longest turning corridor, there are a total of more than thousand and seven hundred Sutra -Turning Tubes around the temple, it is really very spectacular. It takes about one and a half hours to turn all of the Sutra -Turning Tubes. The long turning corridor is the hope of the Tibetans, as well as the way leading to heaven for soul. The pious pilgrims hold and gently rock a large or small copper tube, reciting the mantra.

Tibetan Buddhism that the more reading mantra, the more devout to the Buddha. So in addition to reciting, people also produced the tube, and pack the om mani padme hum scripture in tubes and rock it by hand. Tibetan people turn the tubes, each turn equal to chant scriptures one time. And some people even make the tubes which turn by water, power, or light energy, reciting the om mani padme hum for people. In front of the large and small Tibetan temples, there are rows of Sutra -Turning Tubes, with a handle at the lower end to push shake. People often go to the temple to rotate the cylinder, which called the turning.

Tibetans insisted turning in the rain ...... it is shocking to see that scene.

On the third day, I had planed to climb across to the Buddha Desk to see the sunrise, but there was no sunshine, instead, it was rainy. So we had to went to the restaurant on the third floor of a building riverside of Labrang Monastery, where we could see the whole view of the Labrang Monastery. It was rather romantic to see it in the rain, and the rain also added some mystery to the Labrang Monastery.

This was our $ 18 breakfast (a few slices of toast bread and a cup of sweet milk) in the restaurant. It seemed a little expensive at the Labrang Monastery.

The little master of the restaurant offered a song when we had breakfast, after that, he started to paint something like Altman, ghosts, and big sharks, what’s more, he told us the stories about the battles between Altman and the ghost.

After dinner, it was raining harder and harder, my friends wore a jacket and hat, preparing to go to the longest turning cylinder corridor, and I bought an umbrella in the street and strolled alone to the monastery.

The windows next to the stairs east of the chanting hall are beautiful, and I happened to shoot a lama with no intention, as a result, this lama covered his face with his coat in a rush, it was really sin to do so...

This grandmother and her granddaughter went for turning in the early rainy morning.

I fell in love with the windows in the Labrang Monastery, and I used the camera to record this beautiful scenery.

the exquisite and gorgeous patterns on the roof

the simple porch, and wood carving

The dark red robes were so harmonious in this environment.

This turning Tibetan was carrying a child, and there were prints on her solemn face for the plateau’s wind and sun all the year around.

A Lama and a Tibetan just came out of the Chant Hall, bright color…

A Tibetan had just delivered the breakfast to this Lama? Was there takeaway service in Labrang Monastery?

The coats could be used as the raincoats…

Yesterday evening, I shot some Tibetans came for turning…

When I organized my photos, I found the devout Tibetans I shot in this morning were just those people I shot yesterday.

Went out of the Labrang Monastery, I run into a group little lamas who were on their way to school.

After turning all the Sutra -Turning Tubes in the Labrang Monastery, I came across the Tibetan again. She was selling some pastries at the bridge. The pastries looked like bread, and did they taste better than the bread in the restaurant?

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