Cang Wang Gorge, a born fairy cave

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Cang Wang Gorge, not only the scenery is good, but also has unique spectacle.

Cang Wang Gorge is 50 km away from Wangcang County. Its original name was Longtanzi, there is a huge rock and eighteen pools which connect with each other on the gorge, it is really a rare geological wonders.

To my surprise, this beautiful land was undiscovered until 2005, when an old man who had worked in Wangcang Agriculture Bureau happened to pass by here then discovered this scenery, but maybe it is because Cang Wang Gorge was really a dangerous and inaccessible place for many people.

After a few rainy days, the water in the canyon is rather plentiful, and the waterscape is beautiful. But thinking of climbing the great mountain under the hot sun, I am a little fear.

Some local people told me that I was coming to the cool places soon, but was that truth? Look at the head of the hot sun in the sky, I could hardly believe it!

It was really magical, after walking along the trails and turned at the corner, I felt cool down immediately.

I have the desire to close to this little clear pool.

The tree at the right side grows doggedly in a stone, amazing!

I feel much better after it is cool, so I press the shutter more frequently. Look, how beautiful is the waterfall.

I saw the waterfalls everywhere in the canyon, under the sun, so beautiful.

Soon, I realized the former little waterfalls were just a piece of cake, because the waterfall below is so magic. 

On the nearly 500 meters high cliffs, there is a waterfall pouring out from the hillside, that is the 125 meters Longtan Waterfall.

Looked up, just like a fairyland. The water is flow out from the eighteen Longtanzis on the top of the hill.

There are a lot of good things in the Cang Wang Gorge. Look at the pictures below, on the left is the exquisite wild kiwifruit, in the middle, it is butterfly flowers, and on the right is the August melon.

Finally I saw the Qianlong Eighteen Pool. In a flat riverbed, there are 18 pools in the middle of a 150 meters wide rock.

The lakes are in different shades and sizes, with singular forms, every pool can be divided into two to three layers, the water is clear as a mirror, and the pool wall is smooth and straight, floor of mouth is almost equal diameter, so it is also known locally as “Long-cylinder”.

Climb on the ladder, I could reached the bottom of the largest pool, as well as hear the sound of flowing water in the pool, quite the meaning of cave exploring.

Reach the hole, looked up and saw the semicircle sky.

It seems the water is from the sky.

There is Hole another small pool in the hole, patchwork, what’s more amazing is that there is a small circular skylight on the top of the pool, so magic.

The water flows down along the giant rock.

There is only a tone supporting the two layers of the mountain.

See this panoramic images, it is absolutely natural fairy cave.

The person who was standing there was the securities custody clerk, he was looking at me as if he was a bit worried about me because I was walking around.

The clear water of Lake, it looked more fantasy under the lights of sunshine.

I went to the top of the pool, and view the scenery from another angle.

The water flows to the downstream Longtan Waterfall.

It must go through millions of years of geological changes to from such geological wonders. Some places must be viewed by lying on the rock.

The last landscape is Great Valley which is near the Cang Wang Gorge.

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