The "cruel" temptation of the Ocean Park

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I am not interested in shopping, so the shopping malls in Hong Kong are not very attractive to me.

Someone said, "Only been to Ocean Park, has truly been to Hong Kong." 

Any way, compared to the miniature version of Disney, Ocean Park is more interesting. What’s more, there are a number of additional entertainments in the park recently.

The first one is the themed area “Amazing Asian Aimals” which covers over 25,000 square meters, it is the world's first and only comprehensive integration of indoor and outdoor environment exhibition.  

The most notable attraction is the “Giant Panda Adventure”, a safe haven for rare animals in Asia, including giant pandas, red pandas, Chinese giant salamanders and Chinese alligators, Asian small-clawed otter, turtles and birds, and other species of animals.

Goldfish Palace is designed based on the Chinese chest, and will display more than 300 goldfish in different shape and size, and can be an independent exhibition hall of world's most goldfish species show. Asian Animals provide other entertainment for visitors, including the largest theme gift shop in the park, the panda gift shop, as well as the giant panda restaurant.

The second entertainment is the Ocean Express, the world's first railway system located in theme park, and walking on the mountain tunnel which is 1,300 meters underground, the two-way hourly capacity even up to 10,000 people.

The creative concept of "Ocean Express" is based on the deep-sea adventure of nineteenth-century era, retro body design seems like submarines, cars are equipped with shock sound and lighting effects, and provide the most wonderful deep-sea journey for tourists.

There are currently 35 attractions in Ocean Park's, and will increased to 70, including four theme areas, including "Aqua", "Tropical Rain forest World", "Mobile Zone" and "Ice Polar World".

The CEO of the Ocean Park MiaoLeWen is an American, who gave a special presentation for the "Magic on Ice Show" which would be performanced during the Spring Festival.

This is the first ice gala mixed with magic show and figure skating.

Of course, children are the targets to tempt of the park.

Now the children are experienced and knowledgeable, this can scare them?

Or simply play some traditional items?

There are three mascots in the Ocean Par.

This smiling man was trying to blend into the mascot team.

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