Night cruise on Qinhuai River

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Qinhuai River in the night looks so quiet and mellow under the colorful lights.

Nanjing’s summer night is hot, but fortunately there are air conditioners in pleasure-boats, in which you will feel very cool. Shooting on board night is a very difficult task because the boat is not very steady on the river.

Under the night lights, along with the beautiful and melody of music in the boats, old buildings on two sides gently came toward us.

There were original some kind of geishas on Qinhuai River, working as singers in ancient times. In the past, they usually sang dance music in teahouses.

In the colorful lights, elegance dance and beautiful music, we experienced that kind of unusual ten thousand kind of characters and styles on the reiver.

Nibbling melon seeds and sipping tea in an air-conditioned boat, and watching the scenery on both sides, how happy!

Bridge on Qinhuai River is colorful and beautiful. Rolling waves and boats were all dotted the beautiful summer Qinhuai night.

There are several geishas dotted at the shore, some of which are real person while some are dummies, confusing us a lot.

The old man was playing the saxophone, adding an element of western to the traditional culture of Qinhuai River. 

Scene of prosperity at shore is not a miracle, it is just repeat the previous legend.

The fine reliefs under the bridge describe the historical allusions of the ancient capital — Nanjing. 

Cruising Qinhuai River at night, ships dock is just in the Confucius Temple. Here is starting point as well as the end point.

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