Rugao, a water painting city, to memory the South in China

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Rugao is an authentic ancient city, dating back to the Xia Dynasty. Both at home and abroad, I like that peaceful town, with history, stories, good food, customs, and folk. There is a place you must visit if you go to Rugao city, that is the built in the Ming Dynasty Shuihui Garden.

There is inscription in Chinese characters written by garden master Chongzhou Chen on this stone, saying “Tian Xia Ming Yuan”, which means famous garden.

A gentleman told me a lot stories about Shuihui Garden, including some interesting sketches. The left picture is the bonsai growing in stone; the right one is the avenue full of winding wisteria.

The river in the Shuihui Garden is densely covered with lotus flowers, with pink and green color, very beautiful.

On the other side, there was someone making the wedding photos, they were really clever to choose this place.

A couple left a beautiful story. 

Their portraits are hanging on the wall of Shuiming building in Shuihui Garden. Can you guess how old they were?

Another unique skills in the Shuihuiyuan is the art of bonsai. Chinese bonsai can be classified into the Su, Yang, Chuan, Hai, and Lingnan five schools, and Young school has east and west two branches. "Western group" including Yangzhou and Taizhou, while “East faction”, including Rugao and Nantong. East School’s Rugao bonsai is a wonderful work of Chinese bonsai.

This is a juniper bonsai, looking very young, but actually it has 1000 years of history.

The bonsais in the garden were stacked in some regular way, very beautiful.

This kind of kites widen one's vision, they are man-made and brushed color.

We saw this couple again, and we found there were several flowers tucked by the fingers of the woman.

Because it was weekend, there was free puppet show in the Shuihui Garden.

It was more interesting to see behind the cloth, and we finally knew that it was really not an easy thing to do it.

Out of the Shuihuiyuan, we continue visiting the city. There are two rivers around inside and outside of Rugao city.

The old well in the ancient street, there is water trace everywhere in Rugao.

It was more interesting to find the elderly in the old streets, and the highlight were those wooden tub.

I went into some of the yard with random, only to find the elderly.

The yard is not so simple, the world -famous forensic’s expert Henry Lee was born in Rugao city, and there is a museum of him here.

Here is the original birthplace of the “Carnal Prayer Mat”.

Dinghui Temple was built in the Sui Dynasty, and this pagoda is the most eye-catching.

The visual field from the edge of the moat is much better, so it is the landmark.

In front of the pagoda is the historic Rugao Teachers.

I felt a little tired after strolling in the city, so I sit here quiet a while, it was also good to look at those old photos of sages and feel the cultural of this old city.

I had my breakfast on the top floor of Wenchang Pavilion next to Dinghui Temple, and the scenery around is great.

The famous Crab Steamed Buns, accompanied by Zhenjiang vinegar and ginger, and each of them is so large to eat an adequate breakfast! 

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