Cool Water Festival in Shenzhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village

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In summer, there is Water Festival in Shenzhen Folk Culture Village, this festival not only last one or two days, but three months. This festival has been held for several years.

This year Water Festival is from 2011 June 1 to September 17. Ad says: Shenzhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village will set off a wave of popular water carnival, allowing you to experience the vitality of water and passionate, interpreting the mysterious and beautiful summer, and celebrate a passion for cool summer. Who you love then just sprinkle the water to him, cool for a summer!

 Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce organized it and provided the favorable tickets for the enterprises.

I want to shot some sprinkling photos, so I brought two lenses and several plastic bathing caps to keep the camera out of the water.

A monk from Xishuangbanna came to the spot to host the sacred Buddha ceremony, and sprinkled the holy water.

It was not easy to participate in activities like this, but unfortunately when the water festival had just begun, there was a thunderstorm, and rained harder and harder, this scene was a scene blending of sweat, rain splash, with the joy of music, it was actually very excited. Later became a downpour, we could not stay there any longer, so we went home at last!

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