The most beautiful Danxia geological wonders in China: Wensu Grand Canyon

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Wensu Grand Canyon is the most beautiful Danxia geological wonders in western China, and the largest rock salt karst geology attraction in China. There is ancient geological rock salt superb view in China, the peculiar Yadan geological strange scene in western China, and the unique giant karst geological erosion mysterious place, called “he living geological evolution of history museum in Xinjiang. When you walk into the scenic area, as if into a beautiful natural gallery. The distribution of the rock cliff is very clear, the fold formed of the extrusion and the lines are also very clear, after millions of years in the wind and rain erosion, forms the peculiar scene of different patterns, weird rocks, rich colors, wonderful, colorful scene of strange rock cliff landscape.

The following are the pictures of spectacular Wensu Grand Canyon:

Meili Canyon Guide:

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