The opening ceremony rehearsal of Universiade 2011 Shenzhen

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Finally the Universiade is coming in two days later, and there will be Universiade opening ceremony rehearsal tonight.

The local government have prepared a lot of for the Games for four years.

My friend told me he had the tickets, and asked whether I go to see the opening ceremony rehearsal with him? I was told that the opening ceremony tickets were not sold to the public some early days ago? Since I have no chance to see the opening ceremony, go to see rehearsal is also a good choice.

Ticket was accompanied by a copy of 4A, for the description of notes, including not allow carrying recording devices and security. I was wondering whether it meant couldn’t take a photo. So I only brought an small DC to record the activity the government had prepared for four years. But when I went to the hall, only to find there were a lot of people carrying telephotos.

The Opening Ceremony was rather concise, of course, could not compare to the Olympic Games and the Asian Games. Most of the time was used for the athletes entered the stadium and related speech, the time spent on performing show was not much, but all the actors performed hard. But there was no lighting ceremony in the end, in order to confidentiality, right?

Because the hall is so huge, and my seat was very far from the stage, I could only record a small part of the scene with this small DC. These pictures only showed that I had been the scene rehearsal.

postcard stamp

Shaolin student

I found that the steel was unshielded, seemed purely for decoration.

At the scene of Opening ceremony rehearsal. I was noticed that could not carry the camera, so I just quietly brought a small DC, e only to find that many people were using telephoto in the scene, and I was so regret. Such great scene could not be record by a small DC.

It is said that there is always Shaolin performance in the large event.

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