Qinghai Huzhu, the colorful Tu folk cultural village

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Huzhu is an autonomous county 23 kilometers from Xining City, Qinghai Province, and is a well known place for its highland barley wine in Huzhu. Tu is one of 56 ethnic minorities in China, with a relatively small amount of population, only 19 million people, distributed in Qinghai, Minhe, Datong, Ledu, Tongren and Tianzhu County in Gansu Province. The famous Colorful Huzhu which is known for its Tu folk culture village has become a highlight tourist attraction of Qinghai.

Huzhu People's Government is located in the extreme north of the county, and the building is quite distinctive.

Tu folk culture village is located in the west of Clock Tower

The entrance of the village is filled with white hadas.

Tu women wear the colorful flower-sleeved shirt, there are five color: red, yellow, green, purple, and blue, representing the colors of rainbow. Hence Tu is also known as the hometown of the rainbow.
Tu handsome boys
Wedding Fashion Show
Girls’ show is over, joy with smile on their faces.

the girl is doing her hair
The headscarf is also rainbow-colored

Tu is a nation of being good at singing and dancing, they will dance to music.

The girls who are ready to play under the stage are in a whisper.

Tu unique sports: Wheels fall. 

Wheels fall is a sport like this: erect a 4 m high steel pipe in the middle of a field, put a diameter of about 1.2 m of steel (or iron) disk in the middle of the pipe, divided the steel pipe into two parts, the under part connect to the base, and the top part for placing a torch. Several Tu girls and boys who dressed in national costumes stand on the iron pedal at the edge of the pipe and rotate quickly with the disk, and make some stunts.

The girls are not show weakness, they also make all kinds of stunts on the wheels fall.

Tu village yard is full of national flavor.

The entrance of Tu Heritage Museum

Tu Qing Dynasty houses

The colorful Huzu, and the colorful clock tower

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