Huang Yao Ancient Town, a poetry home in Guangxi

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Having an almost one thousand years of deep culture, Huang Yao ancient town is so exquisite like a quiet, elegant, simple, southern town.

There were ANDY and PAUL accompanying my trip, ANDY is a painter, and PAUL is a photographer. We started drove to Huang Yao from Shenzhen in the morning, 5 hours later we arrived. ANDY and PAUL seemed very excited, I guessed it was because they had never seen a town like this before, it is said that this little place has a thousand years of history, even the stones on the ground also have been there for centuries, so impressive!

The town was quiet and solitude at night, almost no tourists, and the residents went to bed early. We went to small store named "Huang Yao Story" to have a cup of camellia oleifera. Camellia oleifera is said to be the most favorite traditional food favored by the Yao, Dong, Miao people live in mountain areas such as Guang xi, Hunan, Guizhou compatriots.

There has been a highway near the town, so it is rather convenient for the visitors to go here, and it is hard to say whether there will be some developers want to develop their markets here. Hope it won't be too commercialized in the future, or it really will be a pity to lose its natural beauty.

the towering old trees at the entrance of the village

It was the first time for ANDY and PAUL to walk into this ancient town in China.

The children were hiding behind the pillar.

People in the town would like to brew their own wine. 

Andy and PAUL had been taking photos all the night and did not think of returning home.

The town was quiet and solitude at night, almost no tourists, and the residents also went to bed early. We went to the "Huang Yao Story" to drink camellia oleifera.

The main material of camellia oleifera is the old leaves of black tea, fry with oil until it is charred, then add salt and water and boil. sometimes people add ginger, so the camellia oleifera is slightly sour and spicy.

This is also the nightlife. Neighbors in the street were drinking and playing cards in a small inn.

We were here to drink tea and chat with the locals, really good. Unfortunately, Paul and Andy and do not understand Chinese, but they could feel the warm and nostalgic atmosphere there.

The blue light is a small flashlight.

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