Enjoy the Charming of Changsha

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Have you been Changsha, maybe you should start your tour right now. Here is one of  tour strategy for travelling the charming Changsha.

First stop: Changsha Xiangjiang River scenery zone 

Xiangjiang scenery zone is very beautiful as a picture. You can experience the culture of the Xiangjiang River by overlooking Yuelushan Orange Island, walking, chatting, singing, and drinking tea. It is located in Xiangjiang Road in Changsha, south to the Heishipu Bridge, and north to the northern end of Moon Island. Xiangjiang River scenery zone was built in 1995, consists of Fitness Club, green belt and the historical and cultural landscape, mix the functions of flood control, sightseeing, travel, leisure, fitness.

Xiangjiang River scenery zone is the open-air stage of folk art, walking along the riverside, we heard the sound of local Hunan Flower Drum Opera from time to time, so we can not help but follow the beat and hum together, and burst into applause and cheers when came to the climax section.

Standing in the Xiangjiang River scenery zone, we could look afar the Yuelu Mountain and the Orange Island in the center of the river.

The second stop: Yuelu Academy

Yuelu Academy is located in the east side of Yuelu Mountain, close to the Xiangjiang River, it was approved as the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units January by the State Council in Jan. 13, 1988, and became an important tourist spot in Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area. The academy was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty, and Hunan University is just located near the site of the Yuelu academy.

Yuelu Academy

Yushu Building, formerly known as Bagua Building, was built to mark the event of Kangxi came here for worship in 1703. Building is neat and beautiful.
Yushu Building

Yuelu Academy
Some students of Hunan University were reading books in Yuelu Academy

The third stop: Love Late Pavilion (Aiwan Pavilion) 

Love Late Pavilion, located in the Breeze Gap at the foot of Hunan Yuelu Mountain, surrounded by mountains. It was founded in 1792, formerly known as “Red Leaves Pavilion”. Love Late Pavilion is a classic building in pavilion building and has a great impact.

The fourth Station: Confucian Temple

Confucian Temple is located in the left side of Yuelu Academy, consisted of screen wall, gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Chong Sheng Temple, Minglun Hall and other buildings.

The color within the Confucian Temple

The statue of Confucius

The fifth stop: Hunan University

Go around the famous university after coming out the Yuelu Academy - Hunan University.

The sixth stop: Chili Garden in Pozi Street

Chili Garden is a famous attraction, also a popular snack street gathering many authentic local snacks in Changsha. Many tourists came there to enjoy the delicious Hunan snacks.

You can enjoy a variety of Hunan snacks here, such as Changsha Stinky Tofu, authentic braised pork belly chunks, Glutinous Rice Cake, etc.

Ancient Agora

The seventh stop: Pedestrian Street in Huangxing Road

Huang Xing Road has experienced and witnessed the history of Changsha. 

Huang Xing Road Pedestrian Street is a comprehensive site mixing the function of shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining, culture and tourism. By highlighting the commercial features, reflecting the ancient style, showing Hunan culture, make it the first-class appearance of the city, first-class lighting decoration, first-class neighborhood culture, first-class quality of service, first-class management level, and has become a new landmark buildings of Changsha.

The eighth stop: Hualong Pool

Hualong Pool, a historical and cultural district, located in the old town area in Tianxin District of east coast of Xiangjiang River, near the Huang Xing Road Pedestrian Street. Hualong Pool is the microcosm of ancient Shanhua County, and rich of the cultural of place names and legend.

In recent years, Hualong Pool has gradually become a famous bar street in Changsha; when the night fall, many people love to come to have a drink in one of their favorite bar.

Bar Street 

The ninth stop: Taiping StreetTaiping Street retains the ancient street pattern of Changsha, gathering the former home of Jia Yi, Changhuai Well, the site of Progressive Society, and other cultural relics and historical sites. There are 87 stores along the street, the main goods are paintings, ethnic crafts, culture and leisure service, which attracts many famous people move into and establish their studio.

Changsha travel guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/changsha/

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