Some strange restricted travel areas in China, do you have the courage to force into?

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There are really many beautiful scenic spots attracted numbers of tourists in China, but do you know there are also some mysterious and strange restricted travel areas in China? Just follow me and we will explore some of them together.

1 Qiangtang Natural Reserve

Not many people can enter this “human life restricted zone”, not many people can visit the “wild animal kingdom”. Here is the “third pole of the Earth”, this is the “roof of the world's roof”, that is, Qiangtang Natural Reserve, which is located in the north of Ngari Prefecture and Tibet Nagqu.

2 Two Dragon River 

Two Dragon River is the core area of Liupan Mountain Nature Reserves, as well as the most abundant wildlife area. Clouds hung in the balance, the valley wind blowing gently, horror, from time to time brush out of the roe deer, musk deer, pheasants, hares, which often make people don’t know what to do. After five pm, there are often leopard haunt. The gate of hell in Two Dragon River is a scenic adventure expedition route, if there is no professional tour guide, not allowed to enter.

3 Laangcuo

Known as Ghost Lake, the Tibetan word for “toxic black lake”, Laangcuo is a slightly lagoon located in Ngari Burang County. There is only a short distance from Laangcuo to the holy fresh water Manasarovar Lake. Therefore, both humans and animals can not drink its water. Probably it is the reason why it got its name as “Ghost Lake”. The most horrible legend is that the plan of this lake looks like a stripped human skin.

4 Henan Fengmen Village, a supernatural “ghost village"

In a nameless mountains outskirts of a Qinyang City, there are green and simple trees at the sides of river, although there are a few villages, but there is nobody and empty for somehow. There are still three families living in Yuntai Village, but Fengmen Village stands in deep. The hundreds of years Ming and Qing architectural style houses are located in deep forests, and the village has a high house compound, with a Qing straight-backed chair in the living room, what’s more mysterious is that all the people who sat on it have died.

5 Lop Nur

In 1980, a famous scientist Peng Jiamu went missing when he was doing scientific investigation there; 16 years later, the explorer Yu Chunshun died there again, which add some more mystery to the Lop Nur. The endless desert, no grass, no river, the temperature reach as high as 70 ℃ in summer. In Lop Nur, you can not see a bird in the sky, and no birds dare to cross there.

6 Luo Yang Ancient Village

The destruction of village has become the inevitable development of modern society. However, the destruction of Luo Yang Village in Wenzhou seems a little bit strange. This beautiful village is known as paradise in the eyes of tourists along the Yangtze River Delta. However, in the past six years, there are 76 people died in this remote mountain village, nearly half of them were sudden died. In the 2008 summer, two fires happened in the village, and burned 91 old houses. Villagers began to panic, so the name as “ghost village” spread. 

7 Wawushan Mountain

Wawushan Mihundang is located in Hongya swampy areas, Sichuan Province, and has complex terrain, geological anomaly. If an outsider enters, he will easily get lost or died because the whole lake’s complex vertical and horizontal path is hard to determine for the direction in it. Because of its terror and mysterious, the local government had to designate Mihundang as restricted travel area in the development of Wawu Mountain resources, to prevent visitors being diverted to Mihundang. For many years, “Wawushan Mihundang phenomenon” has left a string of mystery to the world.

After reading, do you feel frightened at the moment? I do, and you?

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