Xilamuren Grassland: A Emerald on the Inner Mongolia

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Xilamuren Grassland is a typical highland pastures. In recent years, the local governments continue to invest to improve the reception facilities, so it has become a famous Inner Mongolia Grassland tourist spot.
Xilamuren Grassland

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Walking in the Xilamuren grasslands, you will see the unique aobao in grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Aobao is originally used by the Mongolians and Tibetans as markings for roads or boundaries, but gradually become a good place for lovers to meet.
Inner Mongolia Prairie
Inner Mongolia Prairie
Therefore, every aobao has witnessed a lot of sincere lovers, and endless vows, gradually aobao rose to a high status in the hearts of pastoralists. There is even a traditional folk of aobao worship for the Mongolian herdsmen!

Riding is a major feature in Grasslands. In the vast prairie, people will have the urge to ride a horse. If lucky enough, you will encounter the scene of running thousands horses, but it is nearly impossible. The grazier waved the lasso poles, and groups of sheep, horses, cattle, camel, you will be shocked by such scenery.

In Xilamuren Prairie, there is a sharp temperature difference between day and night, even if in the hot summer, it is still very cool at night. In this vast grassland, there is a special summer palace for the living Buddha to escape the summer heat—Puhui Temple, this temple is very magnificent, it is the wisdom of hardworking people.

It is a good choice to stay one night in this beautiful grassland, singing and dancing around the campfire with Mongolian friends. The hospitality grassland people will present you a white hada and a cup of mellow wine. They will also sing songs to entertain you.

Useful Travel Tips: climate in Mongolia is rather dry, so need to bring some lip balm and skin care products, and drink water as much as possible.

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