Foggy Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang

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Most of the mountains in Zhangjiajie are in these shapes, pretty and spectacular. When walking in the mountains, looking up only to see the mountains and sky, give you the feeling of isolation.

Steep mountain… some of the mountains is good for watch, but not for climbing. 

When we arrived, mountains were covered with clouds, like fairyland, but for me, just like covered with a veil. 

There was lots of classic mountain view, but we had no chance to shoot. Suddenly we were surprised to glimpse this beautiful view. 

Additional charge for riding the cable car, this is the cable up to the Emperor Mountain (Tianzi Mountain). If it were sunny, I didn’t know how beautiful it was. 

We were able to see the green mountains everywhere. It is moist year-round, only about a hundred sunny days. 

In such vast cloud, I could capture silhouette in the daytime.

There were many stalls selling such beans along the way, and the ones engraved with words sold $ 5 or $ 10 each one.

Overview the villages in western Hunan on the top of the mountain

Wild monkeys on the mountain like to grab food from visitors, so cute!

When climbing, I saw a toad jumping by, almost the same color with the surrounding. Ah, long time no see this little creature. 

The beautiful outside of Fenghuang(Phoenix) Ancient City

The scenery in the town…

The scenery of the town

In the Yuan village, there happened to be a Miao wedding, and there were lots of tourists, I liked the blue square cloth very much. 

We watched the authentic Tujia performance in a village tens of miles from Phoenix town. 

A poor village, a primitive trade, such scene was a bit odd in a village driven by tourism.

We went back the downtown of Zhangjiajie City, and strolled in one of the street.

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