A Classroom Theme Restaurant in Beijing Hutong

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In the fleeting autumn, I always have a kind of nostalgic sincerity. 

Last weekend, my girlfriends and I entered a nostalgic theme restaurant in a lane near Beijing Nanluoguxiang. 

Gently push the door, we saw blackboard on the wall, badminton rackets in a corner, dirty deflated football, all kinds of objects embedded under the glass ground...

Though we were attracted by the numerous things, we still sat down first and ordered our dishes.

An old iron rice bowl, digest card, do you know what it is, yes, it is the card after ordering the dish, to record your information. Hey! Miss Zheng, it’s time for dinner…

Let’s have a look at the menu recommended for us. Though they are a little bit expensive than the other usual restaurants, but the well-arranged scene and good cook make you feel good value for money.

The waitress was wearing fresh sportswear, just a school girl. 

Though it was rainy, there was still no seat (I mean the restaurant was full). So I should remind you all that if you go there one day in the future, you’d better reserve a seat in advance, or you may have to wait. 

The whole restaurant was arranged as a classroom, there are cabinet desks, which let us have the feeling of having classes, and we could also put our belongings into the cabinets. 

Each table was given the different objects: small yellow lamp, glass marbles, blackboard... and you won’t know which tables you will seat in. 

And lamb chops, roast chicken wings, tomato cauliflower, Fried Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, smashed bean bun, scrambled eggs, fried shrimp chip, and of course, soft drinks.

The careful chef would make different patterns and texts on scrambled eggs with salad according to the appearance of guests or the theme of the day. Today he gave us a Happy Weekend. As he blessed, the restaurant and the lane really gave us a special and happy weekend.

If you visit Beijing, don’t forget to go to this special restaurant, in the Dajingchang West Alley! 

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