Encounter the First Snow in Yala Snow Mountain

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There is a snow mountain, which can be called “The Second Shambhala” in Tibetan ancient books. Shambhala is a legendary holy land, but such snow mountain actually exists in Ganzi, that is the Yala Snow Mountain, which means oriental white yak mountains in Tibetan.

Although its height is only 5820 m above sea level, but it is still a virgin mountain, no one had conquered this holy mountain. 

It is said that Yala Snow Mountain looks like a lotus throne by watching from Tagong grasslands, while looks like a crown from Bamei Town, and looks like a Buddha from Nongge Mountain, lifelike!

The air on the Yala Snow Mountain is fresh. It took us a whole day to drive to Bamei Town from Chengdu. Bamei Town is 70 km from the foot of Yala Snow Mountain. 

Came to a narrow pass, wow, so heavy snow, maybe it was the first snow this year! So exciting, and there was valley, full of fog, just like a fairyland. 

Everything was white in the mountains. We didn’t except it would snow during our journey, and the color world suddenly turned into an ink world. The cold air is exceptionally fresh, and I took a deep breath!

Came to the valley, we changed to ride a horse to head for the lake, about 1 hour’s trip. If the weather were good enough, it must be a pleasant thing to walk. 

The holy mountain was near by right now, but because of the weather, it was difficult to see its true appearance. So we just walked around the lake, praying to have the chance to have a look at the mountain. Because there was lots of ice slippery snow and gravel on the ground, many people fell, including me.

Maybe the holy mountain could really hear our pray voices, and it suddenly became blue sky, snowy mountains gradually showed its real appearance in front of us. Wow, so changeable plateau weather!

Came back to the valley, we were in a tent, very happy.

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