The Passionate and Cheerful Tajiks

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Asphalt road led us to move forward, there seem to be endless horizon marginal, accompanying the blue sky, clouds, mountains, cattle, and the honest people. It could be a feast for eyes. 

golden channel, I had seen this golden road in the far distance, and there were some cars parking along the roadside, yeah, beautiful scenery!

Distant rolling peaks were just as if in the front.

Cattle and sheep in this piece of golden grass were like scattered color pearls.

Oh, so comfort! Leisurely eating or lying on the grassland.

Trees in the southern border (especially the species on the Pamir Plateau) had turned yellow!

Wow… there were really many donkeys, so cute, long ears, big and black eyes, beautiful!

Look, maybe it had tired of me, because I was shooting it for a long time, ok! Let you go…

There were lots of tourists. It seems that our aim is common: have fun and enjoy the scenery of Pamir Plateau.

cattle and sheep in the grassland


It had already been 6:00 p.m. when we arrived here. I was shocked by these exquisite mountains. 

So great!

It was the cemetery of Tajiks at the foot of mountains, very unique.

Wow! I finally saw the Tajiks in their national dresses.

took a picture for them, infected by their enthusiasm

Tajik is a Mediterranean-type white race. "Tajik" is the nation's claim, which means “crown”. Tajiks have their own language. Many Tajiks in Xinjiang commonly use Uyghur and Kirgiz language.

Tonight’s destination was the capital of Tajik Autonomous County – Taxkorgan. 

It seemed that those who stay at home were women and children, maybe the men were all grazing outside. 

This piece of pasture is their homes.

These retaining walls are their homes, and the lower right corner is the dung (to burn).

This piece of pasture is really big.

Houses of wealthy pastoralists are pretty good, walls are not high, but the doors are large and high. 

A typically Tajik man, this man had been a cop, but now retired, he invited me to go inside.

His wife and granddaughter 

their bedroom 

This is a “meeting room”, very interesting, for family or friends to have a meeting here. 

The pit was covered with embroidery felt, embroidered cushion and a small embroidered quilt, very festive and beautiful.

The middle roof of “Meeting room” is glass tile, transparent and well-lit.

Went out and run into his daughter and daughter-in-law back from fetching water, rush to capture. 

Moved forward, I found a well dressed woman in a forest, the driver said she maybe a bride.

Soon arrived at Taxkorgan County, the road was wide. 

into downtown

Tashkurgan County is located in the southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and eastern part of the Pamir Plateau, where the Kunlun, Kara Kunlun, Hindukush and Tian Shan mountains come together, at the borders with Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistani-administered Kashmir. It is cold in the morning and evening, but hot at noon. 

I went to see performances of the county's Tajik ethnic ensembles after supper.

The performance was passionate and cheerful, but I couldn’t bear the cold weather, hurried back to the resident.

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