The Most Prosperous Places in Guangzhou

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I have been Guangzhou for almost a half year, but I have no time to walk around Guangzhou until last Saturday, a chance for me to know more about Guangzhou. 

Ah, I love eating, and I’m a fan of photography, the following is the record of travelling in Guangzhou.

In front of the Xinghai Concert Hall, ready to go!

In November, the streets are still full of green trees.

This arch style building is the Peasant Institute, located in No. 42, Zhongshan Road. It was founded in 1370, the former school house in Panyu. In 1926, Mao Zedong hosted the Sixth peasant movement here. In 2005, it became one of the classic red tourism attractions in the country.

I know something about the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street before arriving in Guangzhou. It stretches from Shangjiu Lu and Xiajiu Lu in the east to Dishifu Lu in the west, so collectively referred to as Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.

This horse riding Chebi in the Shangxiajiu square is an indispensable landmark sculpture of China’s tourist cities. 

Here has been a developed commercial zone since the Republican period, and it is said that people can intuitively experience Lingnan culture here, feeling the integration of fashion and tradition in the bustling street markets. 

Here the shops one after another, very prosperous. No matter it is a rainy or sunny day, there are always crowded people here. Particularly, you cannot miss the snack shops, and a veteran of the restaurants, or you will regret later. 

The famous Guangzhou specialties: Cock Olives. The sellers usually hang a cock on the body, playing a flute along the way to attract customers. 

Children love to eat the Cock Olives. 

There are always so many children around him.

You may have the unique feeling as if walking in Beijing Wangfujing Street or Wuhan Hanzheng Street when walking in Shangxiajiu, which I think is due to the arcades. Some of the arcade glass is in Baroque style, and can be divided into Xiguan Arcade and Dongshan Arcade two schools.

Shangxiajiu arcade belongs to the Xiguan Arcade, it is the representative of the early arcade, is mainly taken the appearance of Baroque decoration, but also incorporates some Chinese traditional architecture elements.

Do not miss the preserved meat here, oh, you can bring some back as a souvenir for family.

Here, everywhere is scenery, cinema, red lanterns in the distance, or colored Baroque glass, and sculptures appeared from time to time, they are telling the story of the old streets of this arcade, full of flavor. 

Peace Theater is an old theater in Guangzhou, built in 1953, and mainly performances Cantonese opera, folk art and other theatrical performances. 

We went to the Lotus House, which was opened in 1889, and famous for its lotus paste. 

There are so many foods difficult to understand, simply shoot down first.

the crispy and tender roasted goose

Pantang water chestnut cake, the most common Cantonese-style dim sum

Ah, I forget the name of this snack, very delicious.

Chicken Claw

Osmanthus lotus crisp 

Thailand durian crisp

Shrimp rice rolls

Quail egg dumplings

I like the stuffing inside

A hot restaurant, look, so many people…

Carved screens

so many food…

The snacks, you cannot miss the offal. It is said that you have to know Guangzhou from these radish and offal.

There were lots of people in the pedestrian street.

There are sculptures dispersed in Shangxiajiu pedestrian plaza, absolutely full of Xiguan style. 

Hey, nobody around the sculpture, quickly take a photo

This little boy was looking down, making faces!

This man was shooting… 

Beautiful girls were dancing on a stage in the plaza. 

Hey, baby, what are you looking? So cute!

Accidental discovered the carved roof on the City Service Station.

Finding the most popular wedding photography place in Guangzhou.

After exploring the prosperous pedestrian street, we began walking into a European world: Shamian, with exotic style buildings in the sun, so beautiful.

The most common people on that day: photographers, wedding photographs and tourists like us.


Look, it is not so easy to make beautiful wedding photos.

Such scene is very common in Shamian. 

A happy family 

beautiful brides in front of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

the clothes in the residents houses.

The courtyard was quiet. 

Shamian is not far from Shangxiajiu, less than 20 minutes of walking, one is quiet and the one is busy.

There are more than 150 European-style buildings in Shamian Island, including 42 new Baroque style, imitation Gothic, coupons gallery-style, neo-classical style and Chinese and Western style architecture, the most European exotic buildings in Guangzhou. Tour in Guangzhou, and find the most beautiful foreign buildings in Guangzhou. 

The Gothic style Lourdes church 

Here is the No. 54 in Shamian street, with neo-classical architectural style. 

No.2-6 in Shamian street

Security staffs 

Beautiful wedding dress

A café 

A second story in the sunshine


Passing by the old buildings…

Bank of Taiwan, the neo-classical style building built in 1911.

A whole family

I don’t know how many old trees in Shamian!

I envy the children of Shamian primary school.

Banyan tree

The cute sculptures in front of Shamian primary school

green trees

The girl was shooting the building which was a bank in the past time.

the special chandelier

A glance of an old grandmother 

The happy dog and its owner

The location of Starbucks is always good.

I could not help taking a photo with the sculptures.

Next stop is the Zhongshan Memorial Hall. This is a must destination for both the Chinese and foreign tourists to Guangzhou.

There was plenty of sunshine on that day. Beautiful leaves and flowers on the sides of the road. 

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