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A crude Tibetan shop in the street

Langmusi is a small town, but it is also an international town. Standing in the street for a while, you will realize your imagination is so pale. Visitors come from all over the world, as well as the businessmen.

Regardless the reason of being the Holy Land of Tibetan Buddhism, just the simple folk and the beautiful scenery around the town let lots of visitors people don’t think of returning.

Prayer flags waved in the breeze, and there were Tibetans worshiping beside the mani stones and White Tower. The whole town seemed just woke up. I walked out of Langmusi hotel, the air was so fresh after a quite night, and the town became busy. I was looking for restaurants in the street, finding there were many International Youth hostels.

Not far from my hotel, I found this flourish slope. 

Got up and felt so hungry, so I went to the street to find something to eat. The street in the town was not very complicated, just a large "T" shape. There were many shops in the street, selling food, and souvenirs, and also several Tibetan inns. 

This old woman must be a beauty in the past, though she was old, still full of charm… 

At the corner, there is a restaurant called Shanghai Time.

Street looks shabby, but not messy. Locals still kept a proper distance with visitors, they were a bit shy.

She said nothing, just smiled, then told me that the two children were her grandson and granddaughter. 

The two children with red faces were nearby. 

Lots of Tibetans lined up here, because about an hour later, there was Taiwan's Red Cross and foreign doctors coming to give them a medical examination. 

I knew a restaurant called LESH, so when I saw this LESH’S RESTAURANT, I was too excited to run into it!

The two large walls in the restaurant were full of pieces of paper and logos, which full of words and symbols.

Facing the variety of coins and message texts on the coffee table, I thought for a long time, wondering why Langmusi attracts so many visitors. 

Prayer flags…

The woman holding Turning Tube in the hands…

The old house for circumambulation…

The hotels in the town are not large ones, LESH’S RESTAURANT is located near the bridge leading to Langmusi, 24-hour open, tourists like to get together here, there is Western food, Tibetan food, and Chinese food, the price is reasonable.

In addition to the small restaurants in the street, there are also many jewelry craft shops.

These souvenirs are hand-made national handicrafts, each shop has its own features, but all of them are full of Tibetan flavor.

These handicrafts were polished quite fine, and can be used as a necklace. 

We paid 15 Yuan to enter the ANDUO DACANG LANGMUSI. 

Shawl is a utility and meaningful souvenir, because the cool weather, many people bought to use as a coat. Made of wool, it was very warm…

It got dark after strolling for a long time in the town.

There are many Tibetan hotels and inns, inexpensive, where full of visitors form all over the world. They like to experience authentic Chinese custom. 

All sizes of Tibetan inns, there had been visitors jubilant to drink and sing.

There were some expensive hotels, but also full of Tibetan style. 

This is a shop operated by young couple, their ideas are very meaningful.

It is said that there are often teams coming to give free medical treatment for the Tibetan in Langmusi. 

The Youth Hostel to receive the backpackers… 

Local turquoise

The entrance of the Namo Grand Canyon

The entrance was covered with colorful prayer flags in the canyon, and there were several women passed by in silence.

The stream is very clear in the canyon.

When we came back, we encountered a group of photography students at the gate of the canyon, and that women were surrounded by the students for shooting, but they seemed didn’t know what happened, and did not know where to hide.

The Fairy Cave, it is very deep inside. 

We saw this Tibetan school in the way to canyon.

We joined in the group and the whole day became color. 

We met some girls in the way, and we climbed together. 

The sincere of Tibetan people is always unparalleled. 

Another day in the town…

Mountains, blue sky, green grassland, temples, Tibetan, curl of smoke, in the quiet world, slowly to show the charm of their own…

Gannan Travel Guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/gansu/

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