Let’s Go Skiing Together in Beijing!

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The weather is particularly good in Beijing, sweeping away last few weeks’ fog and haze. I took a resort shuttle in Sanyuan Bridge in the morning of Saturday, one and half an hour late, the ski resort was gradually clear, the mountain had been covered with a layer of white quilt, blue sky, no clouds, snow glare. 

It is said that Beijing's ski resort are usually opened from late November or early December, and the first or two weeks is free or is free, and generally close one after another at the end of February. This is the landmark of resort. 

Blue sky, white tower, and red lanterns…

There were still not many people in the ski resort at 10:00 a.m., and the rest area was basically empty.

the statue in Nanshan Ski Resort

The resort's cabins selling ski equipments is full of European style.

It happened to be the tenth anniversary of the resort, so there was a skiing equipment fashion show.

ps: it is said that many stars(of course, I mean the Chinese stars), love to come here to ski, but it’s a little bit hard to identify them. Do you know him? Ah..

This father was teaching his daughter how to ski, and this little girl was very clam, without any fear on her face. 

People can lean against the warm wall, very nice. 

It seemed that I had met this girl before, but she was playing her iphone4 and didn’t notice my existence!!!

This girl’s snow cloth looked good. 

This boy sat on the sledge and his father pulled him on the snow. 

After slipping tired, people can eat food and drink hot coffee in the lounge area. I was really admired these guys, drinking iced beer in such cold day~

It was really enjoyable to sit on the wooden bench to eat hot noodles in the snow, ah~

This boy looked very professional.

warm sun, and very cool veneer

It was very comfortable to sleep on the couch.

It was a bit hard for me to do so.

Those people were lying down watching the scenery like me. 

Beautiful models on the fashion show ...

I prefer short hair girls.

Nanshan Ski Resort is located in Miyun County, about 3 km south from the town. This skiing resort is the largest of its kind in North China with the most advanced facilities. At present this skiing resort boasts of 12 trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. It is equipped with a hi-tech snowmaking system and 12 snowmaking machines, 2 snow groomers introduced from Austria, a quadruple chair lift, a double chair lift, 11 beginners’ drag lifts, and a seasons toboggan run (with 1,318 meter-long) from Germany.

various personality veneers

board zone

You can have lunch in a large fast-food cafeteria of the resort, which may cost about 38 Yuan, and you can also taste the Dolsotbap in a small food street, about 30 Yuan, and other food such as hot and sour noodles, rice noodles, etc.

Recommended travel route by car:
Route 1: Jingcheng Expressway - 16 Miyun District exit (turn right out of high-speed) - Nanshan Ski Resort (recommended route)
Route 2: Airport Express - Airport North Line - Shunyi Pinggu exit (turn right) – cross Chaobaihe River (Rainbow Bridge) turn left - Shunmi Road - Nanshan Ski Resort
Route 3: Jingshun Road - open island - Jingmi Expressway - West Bridge, turn right - Nanshan Ski Resort

The chairs for rest are built up with the board, very personal. 

Ski Ticket: 4 hours ski ticket RMB 220; Full day ski ticket RMB 380; 
Special Package Ticket for Week-end and Holidays: only RMB 360

diagram of Nanshan Ski Village

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