Unlimited Scenery on the Golden Summit of Mount Emei

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There are many mountains in China, and Mount Emei is one of them, with majestic and magnificent peak, named Golden Summit. Being one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, together with its peak - Golden Summit, leaving people unlimited reverie.
We took a bus to Leidongping from the foot of Mount Emei. After enjoying the red leaves, we took cable car to the Golden Summit. A very short time later, we got to the Golden Summit. It was a bit too fast to arrive at such holy place in this modern way. Maybe it would be a different feeling if we climbed it by ourselves.

Come to Golden Summit, you can enjoy the Buddhist cultural landscape, see the sunrise, watch the sea of clouds, and enjoy the wonderful of Buddha halo. Of course, if you are a lucky dog. In short, there is infinite beauty on the top of Golden Summit.

Up along the open stairs, we saw two rows of magnificent white elephants. Looked up, and saw the massive Samantabhadra.

This statue is the world's highest gold Buddha, 48 meters height, with a total of 660 tons. The 48 m of the gold Buddha represents Buddha's 48 wishes.

There is a palace on the highest point of Golden Summit, which is an incredibly beautiful building. The whole body of the building is welded with copper, glittering under the sunshine, and that’s why it got the name as Golden Summit. Inside the palaces, there are 24 bronze statues of Samantabhadra, which are more than 5 meters high, displaying on two sides.

We took the cable car up to the Golden Summit here. 

On the top of the Golden Summit


The sea of clouds on the Golden Summit

a temple

It is rather simple inside the Huazang Temple.

the homemade dishes on the Golden Summit 

This is bamboo shoots soup, very delicious.

This is the famous local dessert, made of sticky rice.

The feral glossy ganoderma in the mountain

What’s this, who knows?

This is konjac snow, the Mount Emei’s specialty

Fuhu Temple is a Buddhist nunnery, and I like the quiet and elegant environment. It is one of the eight temples of Mount Emei, also one of the biggest temples of Mount Emei. 

Winding path

Fuhu Arhat Hall is the only Arhat Hall of the whole mountain, tall and majestic, grand and solemn.

The 500 arhats in the hall were built in accordance with the traditional Buddhist statues.

the central Buddha in the Fuhu Temple

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