The Most Beautiful Wetland in China

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Located near the National Highway 213, Flower Lake is one of the little seas of Reerdaba Grassland, the second largest grassland in China. 

Large areas of plants in the Lake swaying in the wind

Crystal clear water, the lake is covered with beautiful flowers which are like Lady in the Water.

make people feel good

There are unknown flowers in the water.

Numerous small lakes spread on the grassland. 

lush plants 

boundless expanse of flowers lake is fascinated

paradise on earth

take a breathe the grassland fresh air, so fresh!

intoxicating Flower Lake 

Flower Lake is the gift God give us. 

green grass and lush flowers

scattered flowers, beautiful

The Flower Lake in dream, the flower in dream

the quiet away from the hubbub, and the simple return to nature

dandelion flying romantically

freely run in the vast grass 

Cattle and sheep were nibbling grass leisurely.

Different kind of charm in the sky, infinite mystery

enjoy the beautiful grassland scenery 

Picturesque, fascinating

Walking through the Flower Lake is like entering a paradise of green.

Mist-shrouded mountains are just like wonderland. 

A waterfowl flys across the lake, carrying the dream of freedom.

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