First Time to Nalati Grassland Town

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At the foot of northern slope of Mt. Nalati

Our bus finally arrived at Nalati Town. Got off the bus, I firstly found a Hostel to stay, and strolled around the town. The diurnal temperature range is rather large in Nalati, I could have been wearing a T-shirt in the evening, but at night, I still felt very clod even though I had wore two long sleeves.

Needless to say, as one of the world's four major river valleys grasslands, Nalati Grassland is absolutely worth visiting. You must pass the Nalati Town if visit Nalati Grassland. Just follow me to have a look in the town…

In addition, Nalati is the largest potato starch production base in Xinjiang. There was still no flight at that time, so I had to take the long-distance bus…

Finally arrived Nalati Bus Station, right of which is the town 

The photo I shot in the bus station, maybe it would be helpful for someone. Look, it is really expensive…

Came out from the bus station, you will see a wide road, where you can see some flat cars, as long as ask them to carry you, the driver will stop and take you to the place you want to go, price per person is only 1 RMB.

On the way to the centre of the town, I came across a school, where there are all ethnic groups of students. I even met some students of this school the next day. 

Recommended by the driver, I looked for a newly opened hostel to stay, picked up quickly and strolled for a while before dark.

The main street is very wide, and I saw a market beside the street. 

Walked into the market, there was nobody, maybe all of them were off duty, for it was nearly 21:00 p.m. 

At the gate of the market, there was someone selling mutton.

The hostel owner told me there was a bridge at the end of the town, across the bridge is the Narati Scenic Area. So I walked along the road…

Nothing different from the normal town…

The speciality sold in the town: honey and lavender. 

A cat in a trance…

Kebabs shelf, it would be more fun in the night here.

Although I had eaten strawberries in Yining, I still couldn’t miss the local strawberries in Nalati. This Kazakh aunt enthusiastically helped me picking strawberries. When went back to the hostel at night, I found the strawberries the aunt picked for me were really good and delicious.

Walked out the heart of town, there was no building made of reinforced concrete along the road…

There were some shops selling Nang(crusty pancake), and some children playing nearby.

Again the Kazakhstan Nang

The town was behind me, about 2 miles way. 

Passed by a mosque, looks so different…

I didn’t know what they were, but I can sure they are not jars

A dog cross the street

This building is very modern, still under construction, I do not know whether it will be a hotel or visitors center. 

Guess what it was in her left hand? Ah, it was Kazakhstan Nang

I worried it would be too late to went back if I still walked along the road, so I took a flat car to back to the downtown…


Arrived at Kunas River, which is a tributary of Ili River…

The flat car 

Flat car is the mainly transportation in the town.

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